“The cleanest and easiest table shift I’ve ever seen”

Almost 50 years ago the Charlie Miller Table Pass was put in print, many have performed it but few have perfected it.

After 15 years of working with and finessing the move Brent is making all of this knowledge available to you and also teaching his tabled spread variation for the first time ever.

“Charlie Millers table pass is one of those almost mythical things you never see people do or talk about. It truly is a beautiful thing. However, the original description in Ultimate Card Secrets was kind of sketchy to be honest and probably put people off.
Fear not as Brent has broken down the technique and filled in the missing pieces of this magical jigsaw. The illusion he gets is stellar. And the great news is that he teaches it beautifully. Walk though this, cards in hand as Brent teaches and you will soon have a beautiful piece of table top artifice to add to your repertoire.”
-John Carey

“Brent gives the missing details on the Charlie Miller Spin Pass. His explanation and touches will finally put this in your grasp with ease. This information you will receive needs to be cherished just as the book it came from!” -Jason Dean

“I have been wanting a good pass to do seated at a table and this will be my solution. I was able to perform the pass effectively less then an hour after watching the video”
-Dennis Goodlet

“I have been searching for a pass to perform while sitting at a table for years, Brent Braun has created the perfect solution!”
-Brandon Sheffield

The Charlie Miller Table Pass was originally published in 1967 in Dai Vernon’s Ultimate Secrets of Card Magic written by Lewis Ganson.


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