A diabolical prediction where your spectator makes ALL the decisions.. they even choose the prediction!!

As the dean of the McBride Mystery School Larry Hass knows what powerful magic looks like. An open prediction where the audience shuffles the cards, makes all the decisions, and there is no equivoke or sleight of hand is about as powerful as it gets. That’s the kind of power hidden in The Intuition Test.

Here’s what happens:

A deck can be borrowed from your audience who also shuffles it. The performer places two business cards on the table, and the audience freely chooses which business card they would like to use. The performer deals down through the cards until the audience tells them to stop. The cards are shuffles, divided, and then the audience member genuinely and freely chooses which cards to swap between the two piles. Once they are satisfied the prediction is turned over. The conditions of the cards in the piles are compared, and they match the prediction 100% of the time.

The Intuition Test is a part of Larry’s borrowed card stunners series because it’s so fair and so powerful. The audience choices are truly free, and there is no equivoke. Relying on a deeply fooling principle, this has even fooled Jeff McBride and Eugene Burger. Your audiences won’t believe their eyes when you perform The Intuition Test.


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