A Sharpie or BicStick type pen is displayed and may (if wished) be examined. Two small pieces of folded paper are placed in the center of your close-up pad and the pen is placed upon the top edges of the folded strips. One strip is removed, leaving the pen impossibly balanced by the remaining strip. Then, after a bit of teasing, the second strip is slowly removed and the pen is seen to float, impossibly, over the close-up pad. The performer’s hands are passed under and over the levitation pen, and finally, a small, solid ring (even a borrowed finger ring!) is passed over the pen in ONE direction! (no ‘gooseneck’ move) The pen may be plucked from the air and handed (with the ring) immediately to a spectator.

This is just one possible presentation! Purchasers will be given access to other ideas for performing the NEW Incredible Floating Pen.

You may repeat the effect almost immediately as nothing is broken in the performance of the effect. This is a beautiful piece of magic, and one that you will find yourself doing again and again just because it is so much fun! Everything you need is included to have you floating your pen(s) in no time at all.

  1. Comes with a beautiful velvet surface close-up pad with rustic wood-trimmed frame!

  2. Includes TWO types of pens you can float!

  3. ALL needed materials are included!

  4. Nothing is attached to the performer!

  5. The pen is not hanging from a thread!

  6. No wires!

  7. Improved design makes performance easy!

  8. Pass a solid hoop over the pen as it floats!

  9. No electronics of any kind!

  10. No Batteries or anything to plug in!


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