“The Devil’s Staircase is book which provides an opportunity to all discerning cardmen to meet Greg Chapman. This is Greg’s first publication and it is excellent. The subject of card magic has reached a point where information has exploded beyond all recognition, so it was delightful to read this book and discover a new card man who appreciates the “how”, the “why” and more importantly, consideration for the audiences thoughts and feelings.

This is an outstanding book and one which I feel all card men study – the effects are varied and personalized handling on classic plots.

This book covers a wide range of topics from Overhand Stacking Run Ups, based on Dai Vernon’s seminal methodology from his “Poker demonstration”. Amazing effects with The Memorized Deck, Greg’s own Stack Arrangement with fascinating features and properties. One of the highlights is Pure and Simple, a stunning effect which can look and feel like pure Mind Reading to a lay audience.

Greg outlines his thinking along with his tools so that we, the readers of this fine book can develop an understanding for how a dedicated practitioner approaches his craft and what works for him. When I read a new book on card magic, I am not looking for new effects, I am looking to be stimulated so that I can approach my passion for the subject from a new and refreshing angle. This book was successful on all counts.


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