“Very simply, if you do card magic, get this book! If you don’t you will be fooled by someone that did. Highly recommended.”
Steve Ehlers
“WOW what a book. Chapman has done it again! Details of Deception is a perfect title for this book as the authors covers moves and routines in perfect details. My favorite routine was The Accomplice but the chapters on second deal, peeks and the shiner are unequaled. These chapters should be worth the price of the book alone”
Sal Piacente
Details of Deception is full of hard-hitting card magic for the serious card worker. It provides a detailed study of how to present impossible and entertaining demonstrations of card table deception. It is aimed at the serious card magician and many of the routines are intermediate to advanced level. It’s a gorgeous book with some of the clearest illustrations we have seen.

The book examines a handful of sleight of hand techniques, and explains numerous applications for them a performance setting. The ideas presented reflect the author’s approach to card table secrets such as using a stacked deck, applying estimation and memory skills to gain advantage, false dealing, running up winning hands, and peeking and switching cards.

“Details of Deception is a great read for advanced card workers. Greg section on the second deal. Stacked to Win and The Hold’em Demo will put your second deal chops to the test. Highly recommended.”
Paul Gertner
“You will learn some very original twists of sleights you do or will use for sure from now on, it is the wealth of practical applications within the pages that might overwhelm you. And if you are like me an aficionado of memorized deck magic this book is a must read. With Greg’s “A.C.A.A.N.”, “Sneaky Three” and “The Stranger” (all are devilish clever) I fell in love straight away.”
Jan Forster
“This is a must-have book if you like gambling routines and very subtle principles. Greg describes among other things his incredibly natural second deal which is really different. You have a feeling of naturalness which is incomparable when you watch it. You will also find a lot of very clever ideas I am sure you will like if you are a serious card worker. I highly recommend this book.”
Jean Jacques Sanvert
Contents of Details of Deception
Two Card Switch – using triple handling
Rubaway Switch (and rubaway handling variant)
Five Card Switch
O.H.S.D. Switch
The Accomplice
Any Pair
Card At Number
Faro Notes
Ribbon Spread
Deck Switch
Any Card at Any Number
MD Poker
One Card Missing
That Old Trick
The Stranger
Stranger’s Roll
Fine Print
Sneaky Three
4.1 Second Deal – push-off first method
Second Deal – push-off second method
A Detail
Stacked to Win
Hold’em Demo
Three Cards
211 pages, and 110 stunning illustrations.


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