More than a magic trick. More than a coincidence. Symmetry is a trick that will keep your spectators awake at night.

“Such clever thinking” – Dave Loosley

“David has created a very fooling multiple phase matching routine here which had me scratching my head. Devious construction, fantastic effect and method!” – John Carey

It’s more than a coincidence. It’s Symmetry by David Regal.

You always go first. You place down a card from the middle of the pack and then they lay down a card that is an absolutely free choice. You can each deal three cards, six cards, twenty cards. It doesn’t matter. In the end you and the spectator turn your cards over and each revealed are mated pairs. 100% symmetry from the first card to the last.

Symmetry requires very little preparation and minimal sleight of hand to create an astonishing miracle that will stay with your audience. Direct from his best selling book Constant Fooling, David Regal teaches you everything you need to know to start doing this effect straight away. This trick is the definition of pack small, play powerful. This is Symmetry by David Regal.


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