A well-oiled machine made for fooling. Both the fronts AND the backs are shown, and yet with no moves, the cards keep separating. Brilliant secret

“Not only do I love this effect but I was pleasantly surprised that the method was so much easier than I thought it would be. I WILL be using this.” –Cameron Francis

“I have played with this plot many times and gone nowhere. Turns out David Regal nailed it almost thirty years ago! Streamlined and capturing the ending that had eluded me, this is a terrific version of Oil and Water.” –John Bannon

Imagine doing an oil and water routine where the red cards are genuinely interlaced between the black cards before they separate. Now imagine that the black cards and the red cards have different colored backs. Now imagine it uses no gaffs and very simple sleight of hand. Now stop imagining because this is Perfectly Oiled.

Here’s what happens. The magician introduces the concept of oil and water and how they separate. Eight cards are introduced. 4 blue-backed black cards and 4 red-backed red cards. The cards are interlaced and separate when they are face up. The cards are interlaced again and sort while face down. The final kicker is that with a shake the colors re-mix right in front of the spectator’s eyes.

Not only is this routine easy to do, but David teaches how to sell the Oil and Water plot. As with all of David Regal’s routine this powerful effect comes with a fantastic routine. Perfectly Oiled is the perfect packet trick to add to your repertoire.


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