“Another example of a Jay’s brilliant mind at work. Switch Clip is organic and flows perfectly. This brilliant prop is as inconspicuous as it gets and has a million uses.”-Damian the Magician

With Jay’s amazing NEW ‘Switch Clip’ gimmick you’ll be able to perform:

*Invisible switches
*Shocking restorations
*Astounding transformations
*Impossible predictions

All without any pulls, magnets or flaps!

The devious gimmick is also EASY to use – and requires no difficult sleight-of-hand.

‘Switch Clip’ is an incredible magic and mentalism secret weapon, because the innocent-looking paper clip ‘hides in plain sight’ and nobody ever suspects it.

Plus, with this super sneaky gimmick – you can also make small items VANISH and APPEAR.

‘Switch Clip’ comes complete with the ingenious gimmick and 40-MINUTE TUTORIAL featuring an exciting collection of magic and mentalism tricks!

SPECIAL NOTE: What makes ‘Switch Clip’ different from the switch featured in Jay’s popular trick ‘Paperclipped?’ EVERYTHING!

‘Switch Clip’ is a COMPLETELY different gimmick.

In fact, the gimmick is a perfect match for Jay’s ‘Slyder’ gimmick – so you can combine the two gimmicks in the same performance!


“Jay’s come up with so many fantastic tricks with this gimmick, but he’s still just scratching the surface.”-Donald Gavin   

“Switch Clip is absolute genius!”-Jayson Reilly 

“The perfect combination of technology and psychology.”-Eliot Thompson  

“The same day it arrived in the mail I did a torn and restored playing card for my girlfriend and it blew her mind. Switch Clip is definitely my new favorite gimmick.”-Bobby Shay

“I have to give Jay’s Switch Clip my highest recommendation. Excellent.”-Greg Hefford

“Switch Clip is real magic.”-Paul Islington 


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