A new and versatile coin workers’ weapon from the 2015 FISM Grand Prix Close-Up Champion

” loaded with finesses!!! A real joy to practice and perform… ” – Gaëtan Bloom

This is the coin clip Pierric uses in his professional repertoire and was part of his winning act in Abano Terme Italy .

You can perform all the classical coin tricks using this very practical coin clip. The coins are visible up to the last moment and apart from the coins, your hands look completely empty.

The Stealth Pro Coin Clip is something that already exists in the market. What you are getting is the years of development, experimentation and finally get to the exact unit perfectly worked out for this routine.

The best thing is that this simple gimmick when combines with Pierric’s clever and easy handling, will allow you to avoid all the unnatural moves when performing with multiple coins. The hidden gimimick does most of the difficult work for you, and you left the audience clueless where the coins have gone.

Suited for both beginners in coin magic and for the more advanced coin magicians who will be able to find their own moves.

You get two quality gimmicks made of steel and flesh toned silicone, and a link to video instructions where Pierric teaches the basic moves and many other more advanced techniques such as:

1. Basic handling and vanishing multiple coins

2. The Traveling coins

3. Coins through the table

4. Advanced Lapping

5. Topitting and more

No fumbling, no funny moves. Only the real works from the world’s close up



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