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As with all Danny’s releases you get amazing in depth instruction. He also infuses his explanations with lessons in life as well as science that apply to our art. Even more so the seemingly non magic related lessons give the student such strong motivation to practice because it gives a direct why for the reason we do things an the way we do them. Perhaps the thing that surprised me the most about this release was the ever increasing value in production. Danny takes as much time and care in creating all aspects of these projects, not just the magic. The improvements really show in this one. MOST IMPORTANTLY at 14 bucks this is quite possibly the best value in coin magic!


In this project you’ll learn three impossisbly visual vanishes as well as the neurological principal that causes someone to see an object in your hand when it’s not actually there.


What You’ll Learn:


Flip Flop Vanish

A casual toss vanish that truly looks like the coin is being thrown into your hand. You’ll learn two variations of this visually deceptive move. The technique is surprisingly simple for how good it looks, making this an accessible move for all skill levels.


Ember Vanish

This is easily one of the most visual coin vanishes you’ll ever learn. Performed from the magician’s point of view, with the spectator looking over your shoulder, they’ll swear they see that coin firmly in your hand before it vanishes!


DG Vanish

Danny’s signature retention vanish taught in precise detail. After years of working closely with his students and refining his teaching to help them get the best results, Danny has discovered new drills and exercises that offer you everything you need to truly master this technique. Even if you’ve learned this move through previous projects, these extra exercises are guaranteed to be a valuable resource in making your DG retention as clean and visual as possible.


Manipulating Light

Danny breaks down the neurological principle that causes your spectator to see a coin between your fingers even after it’s already left your hand. Knowing how to use this glitch in the brain is a superpower that every magician should know how to harness. Danny will teach you multiple exercises and drills to fast track your progress and master this technique. Learn how to apply this principle to techniques you’re already using and make your magic more deceptive and visual!


Throughout this project you’ll learn new ways to simplify your practice routines and develop your dexerity quicker and with more proficiency.


Learn to manipulate light and take your vanishes to the next level!


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