From a busker on the streets of Canada to being a finalist on America’s Got Talent.

From being an unknown magic enthusiast to becoming the FISM 2018 Grand Prix Winner and the Winner of the Third Season of Asia’s Got Talent.

This is Eric Chien.

In this lecture, Eric will teach you his techniques and routines down to the finest detail, be it card, or coin magic. These are all captured in great visual detail.

In addition, for the very first time, Eric will reveal his thoughts on the Black Art principle. This information would be invaluable to anyone wanting to learn more about the principles of Black Art. For example, the lighting does not have to be as dark as possible to utilize Black Art. Eric can utilize Black Art even under normal lighting situations, which is contrary to our conventional understanding of Black Art.

Finally, Eric will share his creative process and personal experience. He shares how he traveled to Canada alone with just USD40 with him and managed to survive for six months. He also shares his step-by-step journey of becoming a world champion of Magic.

Eric also shares how he learned lucid dreaming techniques to save time. This was so that he could conceive magic and practice while dreaming. Therefore, when others are busy dreaming, he was getting busy in his dreams.


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