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On this DVD, you will learn Johan Ståhl’s previously unpublished technique that helped him win prizes all over the world. “Sleeveless sleeving” makes magic that use a sleeving technique appear even more impossible. With Sleeveless sleeving you will be able to vanish, produce and transform objects with apparently rolled-up sleeves!

“Practitioners of sleight of hand will find many nice touches and food for thought here. Johan is a clever man, and one to watch.”
– John Carney

“His work is remarkable.”
– Carl Cloutier

“You really understand good visual magic.”
– Rick Merrill

“Johan Stahl’s DVD contains groundbreaking ideas that breathe new life into an old magicians’ tool.”
– Darwin Ortiz

“Johan Stahl does amazing things with his sleeves rolled up–things you would have never thought possible.”
– Joshua Jay

“WOW! Your sleeveless sleeving techniques looks great! I am particularly thrilled with the cleanliness of your various visual changes. Thank you for sharing your ideas with the magical fraternity.”
– Daryl

“This very pleasant young man does eyepopping magic. He continued to fool me with the moves he had just explained. I spent a lot of time shaking my head in disbelief.”
– Doc Eason

“If I had this video 30 years ago I would be a better sleever than I am today…”


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