Called underground magician Steve Draun, detailed and comprehensive teaching .


Kaufman, Richard: Secrets Draun from Underground
(1993) Kaufman & Greenberg
Illustrations by Earle Oakes
Pages: 151

Comments (Andrew Loh): Magic of Steve Draun


09 Foreword (David Solomon)
10 Introduction (Steve Draun)

Part One: Tools

Double Lifts and Turnovers
16 Stud Two-Card Pushoff Lift
18 Revolve Lift
20 A Heavenly Turnover

Tabled Shuffles, Cuts, and Shifts
22 Tabled Breakless Double Undercuts
25 Tabled Multiple Shift
28 Push-Through Shuffle and Triple Cut

31 The Fan Glimpse
34 The Flex Glimpse

37 The Midnight Shift
40 The Midnight Eclipse
42 The Malone Shift
44 The Flutter Pass

46 The Depth Illusion Palm
49 The Push and Take Palm
51 The Take Palm
53 Swing Cut Action Palm
54 Rear Palm Misdirection Palm

57 The New Thumb Slide
59 Spooky Revelation
61 The Combination Bottom Deal
64 The Mercurial Change
67 The Starfish Change

Part Two: Tricks

The Wages of Sin
72 The Web Shuffle
76 A Slick Trick
81 Ten Hands Toot Sweet
84 Quintiple Duke
89 Punchless

Ace Me
93 Bluff Ace Assembly
98 Luck of the Draun
103 Most Convincing Topsy-Turvy Aces

Pocket Problems
110 Midnight Ambitious Card
117 The Rubber Band Card
122 Nouveau Travelers

128 Twenty-One Again
133 Worldly Things
137 The Truly Fantastic Move
140 Steve’s Marbles
145 Three Cups and Three Balls


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