Secret Language – Vol. 1 has been dissected, restructured, and rewritten several times over the last ten years to encapsulate the essence of Helder’s contemporary work and professional repertoire. Composed of three different parts, you will be able to learn new techniques, choreographies, and routines. In addition to these, there is a full section on theory of construction, composition, and performance, along with different essays that will help you understand Helder’s creative process and how he approaches the structure of magic and the creation of magic pieces.


Any Poker Hand Called For from a deck legitimately shuffled by the audience. No deck switch, no extremely difficult sleights. The ingenuity of the method will leave you smiling and your audience completely astonished. What you will learn in this routine will open doors for new miracles you will be able to perform.

The book is divided into three distinct parts. Part I is devoted to techniques and choreographies, the way to understand the mechanics behind the illusion and how to incorporate those same ideas into the creation of new techniques or in restructuring classic concepts. Part II is devoted to Helder’s close-up repertoire and his ability to take ideas and transform them into routines, and to take known plots and create new methods to make them even more impossible. Part III is all theory and is focused on Magic, Construction, Life, Composition, and Performance.

In Secret Language – Vol. 1, the aim was to create a document that would register Helder’s creations and repertoire as well as his thinking process for achieving those same pieces. It is intended to be a guide more than a copy/paste manual, and the serious student will find a lot of insights into properly structuring routines and achieving a deeper level of detail in compositions. New concepts from other areas like art, theater, and philosophy will play a part in the way we can approach magic and change the perception of this art form by our audience and peers.


card thought of by an audience member is turned invisible, without ever revealing the identity of the card. Then, with the card in its invisible state, Helder manages to discover its identity. The card then turns visible in the deck, in the position freely selected by the spectator. And all this can be done with a borrowed deck of cards.


For the first time, Helder will explain some unpublished techniques he created that will allow you to deceive your audience as well as magicians. He breaks down the structure of several different techniques and applies ideas and concepts to them in order to achieve perfection. The Secret Turnover and the Revolve Replacement are core examples of this.


One of the biggest qualities of Helder’s magic is the way he fuses esthetic quality with secret actions. This powerful combination allows the creation of new illusions that are born out of simple choreographies. As examples of these, you will learn Divide and Turn and the Pivot Double Turnover among other examples, turning esthetic into a tool of deception.


Always considering the maximum level of detail, Helder works on understanding the reasons why certain specific moments require techniques and choreographies that have multiple layers of deception incorporated. The Choreographed Switch and The Convincing Force are a result of this careful and thoughtful analysis that transcends the mere mechanics of actions.


Helder’s signature opener for close-up situations. In 6 minutes, the audience will experience a variety of effects that will make them respect the artist as well as engage in the experience of impossible. A full suit production is accomplished with a final transformation at the end that will leave your audience in awe. Featured in Helder’s hit immersive experience Borrowed Time.


2. The Retention Change

4. Effortless Palm

6. Visual/Non-Visual Switch

8. The Choreographed Switch

10. The Glamorous Turnaround

12. Perpendicular Spread Control

14. The Secret Turnover

15. The Choreographed Card Steal


2. The Opposite

– Suspending the Disbelief

5. Liar’s Truth

6. The Empty Space

8. Crossing the Mirror

10. Unexplainable Understandable

– Simplicity

13. The Restless Joker

14. Midas Touch

15. Synchronicity


2. Construction: Intellectual and Emotional

4. Composition: Unity, Harmony, Balance, Contrast and Emphasis

5. Performance: Movement, Rhythm, Order and Style


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