Perform INSANELY VISUAL solid-thru-solid with signed cards and coins!

“If you think the visual looks incredible,wait until you see and handle the gimmick! SEALED looks like real magic. Menny’s a genius”
– Dynamo

SEALED 2.0™ is a new, redesigned and improved gimmick. Precision-made of strong, high quality materials and designed to last for a lifetime of use. The new gimmick is fully self-contained – NO REFILLS needed! And is compatible both with a deck of cards and a cigarette box.

Perform insanely-visual miniature card-in-window type of effects with various small and verifiable objects (signed cards, bills, coins, business cards etc.)

With the cellophane wrap pulled halfway out of the cigarette/card box, perform a visually stunning matter-through-matter miracle by causing the signed object to VISIBLY PENETRATE the hanging cellophane:

Magically toss a singed card, bill or coin, through any of the cellophane panels!

With the signed folded card resting on top of the out-jogged cellophane, cause it to VISIBLY FALL THROUGH the top panel!

Have the card or bill on a spectator’s open palm and without touching it, SNATCH IT away with the hanging cellophane – The signed folded card will VISIBLY JUMP into the cellophane from the spectator’s own hand!

You can shake the object about, and let the spectator verify it is indeed his/her signature on the object inside! You can hand out both the cellophane and object as a souvenir!

• Super visual effect.
• Redesigned & improved gimmick.
• Gimmick comes ready for use!
• High quality, long lasting & 100% reliable.
• Only one minute to set up!
• Fully self-contained.
• No refills!
• Use signed cards, coins, bills & more.
• Compatible with card deck & cigarette box.
• Cellophane & object are fully examinable!


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