One of the most organic visual effects ever made has been upgraded for the modern performer.

While there have been countless gum magic tricks released over the years, few have been as iconic as “Sticky Situation” by Andy Leviss. And it’s not hard to see why. Magicians love the ability to perform magic in real-world situations. And, what’s more natural than a magic trick with a piece of gum you’re already chewing. Taking out an old piece of chewed gum and instantly transforming it back into a brand new piece of gum feels like real magic.

Now, “ReWrapped” brings this visual and organic magic to a whole new generation of magicians. Developed by Brandon David and Chris Turchi (creators of “Envylope” and other popular effects), “ReWrapped” is an updated take on the classic “Sticky Situation” gimmick.

You pull out a piece of gum from your mouth. With a quick stretch and snap, it’s restored to a brand-new piece. Another quick shake and it’s back in it’s original wrapper. You can then even take this piece and pop it in your mouth, or offer it to a friend. It’s a mind-warping, time-bending piece of magic that leaves a lasting impression in just a matter of seconds.

“ReWrapped” is also the perfect ice breaker for close-up magicians. Imagine approaching a table and realizing you’re chewing a piece of gum. How rude of you! But, you also don’t want to waste that fresh piece. So, you pull out the gum and restore it for later. Without even needing to say more than a few words, you instantly establish your credibility and prime your audience to see some truly amazing magic.

The updated “stretching” phase of “ReWrapped” is part of a re-design in the gimmick that allows it to be flatter and more realistic than ever. Once the gum has been wrapped again, you’re also left with a real piece of gum that you can re-chew or save for latter.

“ReWrapped” is super easy to perform, resets in seconds and takes up almost no pocket space. It is a perfect piece of visual close-up magic for table-hopping magic and street magic performers. It’s also, of course, great for magic videos on TikTok or Instagram.

It comes with complete detailed video instructions, including information on how to customize your gimmick with many different popular gum brands.

Please Note: “ReWrapped” comes almost ready to go out of the box except for one step. To make it customizable, the creators have purposely left off a wrapper. You’ll need to pick up your own pack of gum and add the wrapper. It’s just a bit of cutting and sticking to the pre-applied double-stick tape. Everything is covered in great detail. It’s very similar to the process used on “Sticky Situation” and is not anything to be feared. You also need to provide your own real gum.


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