Ben teaches this gorgeous utility move in great depth, than as a tasty tasty treat he teaches all the various ways you can use this move in very common and highly popular routines.

He teaches how to use it for:
– a switch
– a colour change
– a force
– a glimpse
– a rising card

To learn more about the history of the move, look at:

Tan Hock Chuan’s ABC Rising Cards! by Bob Gunther. May 1973. Magick #74. Card rise move with the deck at the fingertips and the back of the hand toward the audience.

A card rise move taught by Fred Robinson. Pabular, Volume 1. April 1975. Card rise move from dealing grip done with one hand.

Ken Krenzel and Richard Kaufman. On the Up and Up. 1978. Routines and refinements on Fred Robinson’s technique. First publishing of move applied as a colour change. “Split Rise” first publication of the move as a secret switch.

Ray Kosby. Raise Rise. The Magical Arts Journal. June 1987. Combination of Kreznel/Kaufman move and an unpublished centre double lift move by Ernest Earick. First use of this type of move as visual ambitious card effect, thought of card, card sandwich, stretching card, and torn and restored card.

Richard Hucko and KC Ushijima. Move from the DVD “Subtle Concepts”. 2010. Similar handling of the move as a colour change with different finger positioning.

Ben would like to thank Ray Kosby and Richard Hucko for their assistance with crediting and attribution.

Special thanks to Neil Granger. Neil independently created a move with a similar premise which he released in 20


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