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NoKey by Fraser Parker


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  Nokey is an ingenious method that allows for the fairest “thought of…


Nokey is an ingenious method that allows for the fairest “thought of card” ever conceived.

Imagine handing a deck of cards to a spectator to shuffle over-hand face up. They shuffle through the deck once, remember whatever card they happen to shuffle to the face of the deck and then shuffle again – all whilst you are turned away from proceedings. Yet, you are always able to find their thought-of card, even revealing specific details of their card without needing to take the deck back from the spectator.

This has fooled some of the top names in magic.

NO gimmicks. NO short cards. NO sticky stuff.

It works with a standard deck of cards that can even be borrowed.

You will receive a bespoke envelope and card with a sticker containing download links to the explanation and performance videos.

“If you get my card now then I’m fu***d!”
– Ross Tayler

“Were you on d***s when you thought this up!?”
– Titanas

“This is a truly impossible card location of a thought of card … Fraser floored me with it!”
– Christian Grace


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