This color change is mesmerisingly slow and looks fantastic.

In May 2014, Nobuyuki Nojima, a young, yet prolific creator of Japan released a revolutionary new color-change technique. It enables you to change cards visually, with the cards still SPREAD FACE UP and with ONLY ONE HAND!

You can use “C3” moves (basic move and several variations) for various effects such as Color Changes, Revelations, Oil & Water, Three Card Monte, Homing Card and many more!

This DVD teaches you these remarkable techniques and effects in every detail and from various angles with thorough English subtitles.

9 visually stunning routines!
Sandwich Routines (2 routines)

  • Oil & Water
  • Three Card Monte
  • Blank Card Routine
  • Revelations
  • Double Changes
  • Homing Card
  • Twist (bonus)
  • Oil & Water 2 (bonus)


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