A high-impact, modern take on a classic card magic plot with a truly magical finale that will leave every audience audience questioning if they truly have power over their own choices. .

“Name It” is a “spelling trick” unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Four cards are freely selected from a face-up deck. The characteristics of each card (face/court, red/black, etc.) then lead the spectator to a fifth and final card.

The first 3 chosen cards are turned over to reveal a secret message that shows you predicted, despite the super fair selections, what their final card would be. As an unexpected kicker, you also show your last prediction claims the final card will be blue. You then turn over their final selected card to show that, impossibly, it was the only blue-backed card in the entire deck.

This is truely an amazing showcase of influence and magic. All of their choices are predicted from the start and they’ll never see the final revelation coming.

  • Incredibly easy to do
  • Nearly self-working with no memory work required
  • All of the selected card are freely chosen
  • There are multiple final cards, so it won’t be the same every time
  • Reset happens naturally throughout the routine

Each “Name It” set comes with a special Red gimmicked deck of Bicycle cards that handles all of the hard work for you, so you can stay focused on your presentation. This is a killer effect that is sure to become your go-to for when your really want to impress an audience. It’s perfect for everyone from beginner magicians to working pros.


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