After extensive testing by experienced performers, the wait is finally over. This book represents a new departure in the field of mentalism. The techniques it contains will enable you to perform impromptu, without the usual tools, techniques and compromises. You could, if you wish, perform naked to prove there’s no subterfuge. Track a spectator’s thought process as she makes choices, harness psychological forces, turn misses into hits, perform book tests for complete strangers (even over the phone), but above all, replace the intuition of the psychic with solid models of the world that give hit rates far higher than the real thing can ever hope to achieve.

This book also inlcudes:
The Fully-Scripted Naked Book Test

The Fully-Scripted Naked Book Test is a book test like no other Designed to emulate the powers of a genuine psychic, there’s no physical component:… No handling, no gaffs, nothing to write down, peek or burn Nothing Simply walk up to a stranger reading anything written in English, ask them to select a word in a fair test of your ability. You reveal the concept the word embodies and the word itself. You can even do it over the phone. The script itself can be learned and used as is, or you can improvise to suit your own style and approach. The data for the model underlying the Fully-Scripted Naked Book Test is presented as an appendix to enable you to do just that.

“I have no problem standing behind this material 100 percent. I use it. I used it tonight at the Living Traditions Festival in SLC. It was a hit all night. I booked the gig by performing the Naked Book Test for an agent over the phone. “Jerome Finley

“This book is immensely powerful and potentially dangerous in the wrong hands.” Thomas Korelin


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