The tricks contained within Hector Mancha’s new download “My Silly Tricks 2” are many things. Astonishing, creative, unusual, unique, surprising–but if we’re being honest with you, they’re not really that silly. That’s just Hector’s quirky style coming through.

Now, the trailer, that is silly. There’s nothing in magic like it. We promise. But then again, there’s nobody quite like Hector, either. He’s a FISM Grand Prix champion.

This download has 8 fantastic, workable routines. Best of all, the routines use unusual props. Two standout items for us include a highly deceptive trick with a harmonica and a borrowed bill to impossible location that is as clever as it is strange.

  • The Bill That Travelled to a Magical Land with a Unicorn – A fantastic, impromptu-seeming effect perfect for casual performances in which a borrowed bill appears in a ball of string.
  • Super Always Six – An intriguing new take on Six Card Repeat with the added wrinkle of a selected card.
  • Card Under Box – You cause an entire deck to travel back inside the card box.
  • Doodle a Signature – Marrying something old with something new, this is a concept in which you can make a signed card appear ANYWHERE.
  • My Card Inside the Mouth – This is a premium version of this classic effect, wherein Hector has worked out every detail to make it performance ready.
  • Card in Sleeve – A lovely interlude to cause a card to appear in your “cuffed” sleeve. Since this is how many performers roll their sleeves, this new idea is a welcome addition.
  • Harmonica Jazz – The highlight of the collection for us. This trick has it all. In an engaging premise, you “play” the harmonica to have any card named, and then pull it out of your mouth.
  • Undercover Coin Thief – A clever premise for stealing someone’s watch.

Watch full performances of every effect

There’s over 90 minutes of detailed instruction, and the video will make you laugh as well as think.

If you’re interested in hard-hitting close-up magic, this is worthy of your consideration.

Running time: 1 hour 32 minutes


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