In this exciting new volume from UK card magician John Carey, are 62 new pieces of punchy doable magic for your edification and pleasure. Fifty one items with cards from John himself and eleven from others, covering a wide range of plots and all streamlined for maximum effect with minimum of effort.

We have the great pleasure of having some friends contributions too, with powerful card magic from Tom Dobrowolski, Patrick Redford, David Gemmell, Shaun McCree, J.K.Hartman, Paul Gordon, Pablo Amira, Ben Blau, and introducing a special section of world-class work by underground creator Shannon Clark.

All Four One
Bluff Lie Detector
Cutting for Larry
Daley Might Have Liked This!
Deal and Decide
Dream a Li’l Dream
Easy Open or Closed
Finessed Hofzinser Force
Free as a Bird
Hands Off Divination
Hof Stabber!
Homage to Bannon
Homage to Fechter
Homage To Vernon
The In Transit Force
It’s all in the cards…
Just Say When
Lazy Man’s Mystery
Lies All the Way
Lies Damn Lies!
My Cards Are Your Cards!
No Further Than That!
Open All Day!
Sleightless Cull
Slow Motion Triumph
The Stepping Stone Force
Stranger in the Crowd
The Attitude Force…
The Gypsy Card
Think & Synch Reloaded…
Think As I Think
Three Chances
Timely Transposition
Topping It Off!
Travelling Light
Triumphant Dream
Twin Thoughts
Two Card Transpo
When Thoughts Combine
Whispering Ambitions
Your Thoughts Are Mine…
Away We Go: Tom Dobrowolski
Poppycock: Patrick G. Redford
Open Prediction Deck: David Gemmell
Hypnosis: Shaun McCree
Midsection Force: J.K.Hartman
Burying The Aces: Paul Gordon
Annoying Thought: Pablo Amira
The Jackal: Ben Blau
Collective Thoughts: Shannon Clark
Forced Coincidence: Shannon Clark
Got a light?: Shannon Clark
Just Between Us: Shannon Clark
Poker with Dai: Shannon Clark

275 pages


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