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Microtechnica by Akira Fujii


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Akira Fujii is known as a modern master of sleight-of-hand, and in  Microtechnica you…

Akira Fujii is known as a modern master of sleight-of-hand, and in  Microtechnica you will get to see how he gained that reputation. Akira has spent over two decades working on the minutae of complex sleights, dissecting and analysing every last detail.

In Microtechnica we get to see the fruits of this research, as Akira tips the work on some of the most useful sleights in the card repertoire.

In nearly an hour of crystal-clear instruction, Akira teaches the following:

1mm Diagonal Palm Shift – Akira has taken this so-called difficult sleight to a level of unrivalled mastery. Every aspect of the move is covered in amazing detail.

One-hand push through – The cleanest, fairest method of obtaining an injog, apparently using just one finger. Three routines using the sleight are also included.

Convincing Control Bottom Palm – Akira goes over his handling of the convincing control, before explaining a beautiful way of using it to get directly into palm.

Running Time: 54 minutes



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