Learn a masterpiece 40 years in the making, taught by the master himself with his latest updates.

Perfection is a journey, and nowhere can you see that better than in Max Maven’s Masque.

Masque is a master-class in performing good card magic. There are lessons within lessons, if you’re paying close enough attention.

Max Maven is one of the fathers of modern magic. And if you thought his influence was limited to mentalism, you’d be very wrong.

Masque is one of the miracles that built Max’s reputation among close-up magicians 40 years ago. Since then, it’s been getting gently polished, like a beautiful skipping stone in the waves.

Today, you’re about to learn the end result of this 40 year journey. A little piece of perfect that you can add right into your act. Everything, and I mean everything about this trick has been worked and reworked thousands upon thousands of times.

Things you’ll love about Masque include:

1. It engages MULTIPLE spectators, and as a result plays big.
2. It uses ANY deck.
3. Your spectators choose their FAVORITE cards, not random ones, which increases their engagement and focus.
4. You can be fully surrounded.
5. Everything ends up perfectly consistent and examinable


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