An amazing card-to-impossible location thats perfect for walk-around performers!

A card secured by a paperclip is shown and left on the table. The spectator then selects a card which is used for a very short ambitious card routine where the card moves from the middle to the top of the deck.

After showing the audience how the trick is done, you offer to take the difficulty up a notch by having the card signed by the spectator. You then attempt to find the card at a chosen number while the cards are behind your back. However, you can’t seem to do it.

When you count to the number, the card isn’t there. In fact, it’s not in the deck at all.

You then bring attention back to the paper-clipped card, which has been in view the entire time, and open it so show that is impossibly the signed card!

No special box or wallet needed. Just a paperclip.

Each “Lucky Strike” set comes with the special deck of cards needed to perform the effect.

Online video instructions.


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