There’s few better teachers of card magic than Jason England. Featuring 4.5 hours of expert instruction, this incredible download is a card magic lover’s dream.

Jason England is a world-class sleight-of-hand artist and arguably one of the greatest card technicians of our time. An dedicated card magic and card cheat historian, and master of cheating techniques with playing cards, Jason has assembled an impressive repertoire of card tricks and moves for this unbelievable Masterclass. Any card magician is guaranteed to walk away as a better technician.

A magician like Jason England truly proves the value of learning through a medium like Vanishing Inc. Masterclass. The precise close-ups and attention to detail you can share through a structured video format makes learning even the most intricate techniques easier than ever. And who better to sit down and discuss those techniques than Jason England.

The “Jason England Masterclass” includes two 90+ minute lectures and a special bonus session where he answered questions about the material from members of Vanishing Inc. Monthly.

Session One: Shuffle Work

  • Breather Crimp Technique
  • Fixing the Push-Through Shuffle – 4 Tips to Mastery
  • Riffle Shuffle and Crimp Combinations
  • Beyond the Crimp – Advanced Riffle Shuffle Techniques
  • Three of Jason England’s Favorite Crimp Effects

Session 2: False Deals

  • A roadmap for learning second deals
  • How to “fix” most common bottom dealing problems
  • Three of Jason’s most commercial effects with seconds and bottoms
  • Centers/Greeks – Demystifying the impossible
  • Chip moves

Session 3: Bonus Q&A


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