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Jason Ladanye – Masterclass Live (1-2-3)


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Amplify your card magic with a massive 4+ hour download from one of today’s…

Amplify your card magic with a massive 4+ hour download from one of today’s finest card technicians.

Jason Ladanye cemented his place as one of card magic’s finest workers with the launch of his two acclaimed card magic books Confident Deceptions and Game Changer. These incredible books introduced the world to Jason’s uncanny ability to combine prodigious sleight of hand with engaging presentations.

Ladanye is the ideal Vanishing Inc. Masterclass instructor because he’s qualified to speak about a wide range of important card magic techniques and is a professional working performer that has engineered a variety of incredible magic routines. You’re going to love watching these amazing commercial routines in action and then working through the underpinnings that make them so powerful.

This exclusive three-part download includes two complete lectures and a special 1-hour bonus video in which Jason shares extra insights about the lecture material and also answers questions that were asked during a live Zoom call by magicians who subscribe to Vanishing Inc. Monthly.

Download 1

  • “Collectors Piece” – four aces find three selections in a deck under the spectators hand!
  • “All in the Hands” – a short and sweet blackjack routine that ends with a spectator holding a freely named selection.
  • “The Set-up” – you offer to teach the spectator a simple trick but you leave them with a huge mystery.
  • “Hold ‘em Hustle” – a stacking effect where you stack any two cards from any position in the deck and, along the way, also stack the aces for yourself.
  • “The Art of War” – You play the classic card game War with your spectator. No matter how much you mix the cards or try to get the spectator to win, they can’t. The cards just insist that you win every single time.

Download 2

  • “The Gathering”- a simple collectors plot that is perfect for walkaround close-up magic shows.
  • “Fast Track” – a tracking effect that shows beyond all doubt, regardless of how many times the cards a shuffled, that you can keep track of a single card…and ultimately any four of a kind.
  • “Cash Grab” – offer the spectator a chance to win $100. Against all odds, somehow you still win the bet!
  • “Trifecta” – one of Jason’s favorite walk-around effects. This is a quick and simple three-phase effect that shows all the best that card magic has to offer.
  • “High-Card Hustle” – you play high-card cut with the spectator. No matter how many advantages you give them, you’ll always have the higher card.

Download 3

  • Extra insights
  • Bonus Q&A


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