This download offers you an incredible chance to enjoy nearly 5 hours of invaluable teaching from legendary performer, scholar, critic and historian Jamy Ian Swiss.

When Jamy Ian Swiss talks, magicians listen. He is one of the most knowledgeable magicians in the world. And, for this very special Vanishing Inc. Masterclass, he took a deep dive into two of card magic’s most abused and misunderstood sleight of hand moves.

Swiss has been teaching magic to students for decades, refining the methods used to communicate complex sleight of hand techniques by breaking them down into simple, achievable steps. While this Masterclass will get into intricate sleight of hand details, all magicians are welcome, as there will be stepping stones for all skill levels.

Enjoy the chance to learn from one of magic’s most highly-regarded teachers with two 90+ minute lectures and an exclusive bonus video that re-visits all the most important details and shares more hidden gems. All 3 sessions are accompanied by supplementary materials that improve the learning experience.

Lesson 1: A Masterclass in Palming

  • Vernon’s Topping the Deck (the proper way)
  • Erdnase Top and Bottom Palms
  • An “Easy-going Bottom Palm.”
  • How to replace the palmed playing card on the deck (one of the most criminally overlooked aspects of palming a card)
    • Replacements by Erdnase, Marlo, Thompson, Vernon, Carlyle, Latta
    • How to get card back to the top of the deck, the bottom (from action, and from repose)
  • Examining these palming techniques in action
    • Paul LePaul’s “Quadruplicate Mystery”
    • Vernon’s “Travelers”
    • Schwarzman/Jennings’ “Night Visitor”

Lesson 2: Mastering the Pass

  • Thoughtful instruction for both those familiar with the sleight and those who have always wanted to learn it
  • Turnover Pass
  • The Taylor/Elias Jiggle Pass
  • Derek Dingle’s Stroboscopic Riffle Pass
  • Latta’s “Missing Frame” Riffle Pass (and several other variants)
  • Putting the technique to work with pass-centric card tricks:
    • Jim Swain’s “Passing Along the Vanishing Aces”
    • Latta’s “Vanishing Collectors”
    • Jamy Ian Swiss’s original “Slapping the Cavorting Aces”

We could think of no better teacher to convey this enormous amount of fascinating material than Jamy Ian Swiss.

As a special bonus, Jamy also sat down with members of Vanishing Inc. Monthly to answer any questions they had about the lectures as part of a special Zoom call. This was recorded and is included with your purchase as a special bonus.

Grab your favorite deck of playing cards and dive into the “Jamy Ian Swiss Masterclass”.


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