The spirits in your pocket have been released.

“Invocation” from Michel and Esteban Manazza is a unique set of mysterious pieces that allow you to perform some amazing feats of mentalism.

Effect 1

The spectator is invited to deal a regular deck of cards face down on the table until they want to stop. You then introduce a small plastic sleeve which contains a blank piece of paper and a small Ouija board. The spectator signs this piece of paper and then slips it back under the Ouija board.

The spectator then holds everything in their hand as you take an old key and place it on top of the Ouija board. As you ask questions about the selected card, the key starts to move on it’s own, answering each question as it helps reveal the identity of the card. You then turn over the cardboard Ouija board to show that printed on the other side is their selected card.

But, that’s not all. If you really were able to speak with the spirits, they would have left a message. You now show that the piece of paper THEY signed has the chosen card written on it .

Effect 2

You introduce an ESP deck and place one of each symbol face up on the table. Then, from the rest of the deck, the spectator is invited to choose ANY card. You then introduce an old key and place it on top of the face-down selected card and begin to slowly touch each one of the face-up symbols on the table. When you touch one card, for example, the triangle, the key starts to move on its own. The spectator then turns over their selection and is shocked to see it matches the one that made the key turn over.

“Invocation” is super easy to do and resets in seconds. It’s perfect for close-up magicians, especially table-hopping magicians.

  • No threads
  • Uses your own deck of cards
  • They truly can stop at ANY card
  • Presentation possibilities for both mentalists and magicians

What’s in the Box

  • Specially-manufactured Key (which, as an added bonus, is perfect for any of your favorite “Haunted Key” routines)
  • Custom-prepared and printed mini Ouija cardboards
  • High-quality ESP deck with 25 specially-printed cards
  • Special gimmick
  • Comprehensive video tutorial

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