Everyone now knows Eric Jones for his successful appearances on *Fool Us *and *America’s Got Talent. *But what we recognize in Eric’s work is a splendid attention to detail and a level of refinement that is worthy of careful study. Eric’s magic is honed over years of work, and in the pandemic he’s developed a host of new techniques and routines, which he will share with us across three lessons that span cards, coins, and more. Eric is THE master of taking close-up magic and converting it into enormous venues through the use of…screens. And this is more relevant than ever, as we navigate performing in a virtual world. This is a month NOT to be missed.

Week One – The Marathon Continues
In week one, Eric will methodically uncover beginner and intermediate coin magic techniques to either get you started on your path to mastering coin magic or re acquaint you to the genre. Eric will reveal NEW and exciting ways to flatten the learning curve associated with palming, naturalness, maximizing your angles and how to choose what’s right for YOU. The best part is that ALL the magic you’ll learn will play BIG in virtual spaces.

In this lesson, Eric will teach:

  • Palming 101
  • Finger Palm
  • Classic Palm
  • JW Grip
  • Nowhere Palm

Tips and Tricks

  • Loose Change
  • One Coin Routine
  • Lapping Techniques for Live and Virtual Shows
  • Spectatorial Triangulation
  • 3fly
  • and much more

Week Two – Down The Rabbit Hole
Expanding on the techniques discussed in Week One, lets go a little deeper down the rabbit hole to expand your arsenal with NEW and amazing ways to handle coins, new ways to deceive and entertain your audience and well as spark creativity. All of this magic will elicit strong reactions in a virtual setting.

In this lesson, you’ll learn:

  • Presenting in virtual spaces/how to create intimacy virtually
  • O’Farrell Grip
  • Imagination Production/Vanish/Change
  • Two Coin Transpositions
  • Mirage Et Trois 2.0
  • Master Move + Variants for virtual
  • and so much more

Week Three – Pasteboard Playspace
This week Eric delves into his personal stash to deliver a wide assortment of magic with playing cards that will delight in person as well as Zoom Shows. The magic Eric has selected will range from magic that is easy to learn to more challenging magic that will take more time to master. Eric will offer step by step instruction to insure that no one is left behind.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Eclipse
  • Two Card Transpo x 3
  • Virtual Assembly
  • El Cambio Nada
  • Swirl Production
  • Kabal
  • plus more tips and tricks for live and virtual spaces.


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