Chris Kenner is one of magic’s most respected minds. For years, he has been producing the magic and business affairs of David Copperfield. But Kenner is also a virtuoso of sleight-of-hand and a respected innovator in his own right.

He is the creative mind behind the Three Fly coin magic plot and, in 1992, released his first and only magic book Totally Out of Control. This marked a sea-change moment in close-up magic and arguably even spawned the start of cardistry with the introduction of the Sybil Cut. Kenner helped usher in a new, looser era of magic, with a focus on standing up while performing magic that was visually stunning.

Beyond that one book, Kenner rarely shares his magic. Heneverappears online or at conventions, so we’re particularly excited to welcome him to our Masterclass series. He will teach his remarkable card magic, coin magic and so much more. This is truly a one-of-a-kind opportunity.

There will bethree live 90-minute lecturesonJuly 4,July 11andJuly 18. The final session will conclude with a Zoom hangout where you can ask Chris anything you’d like.

All sessions begin at 4pm EST (NYC Time).


Session One (July 4): Cards and Misc. Fun

  • WTF
  • OMG
  • LOL
  • Further More Inner Out of Control … Control
  • Big Trouble in Little Shuffle Town

Session 2 (July 11): More Misc. Fun

  • Stick Land
  • Wrong Turn
  • Plus other tricks from Out of Control

Session 3 (July 18): Coins

  • 3 Fly
  • 3 Sly
  • Hellbound
  • Coins Across
  • Kickback Coins Across
  • Silk and Silver


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