Academy course on Equivoque and TTTCBE

How would you like to create the illusion of influence over people, using nothing but the power of your words?

Well you can and you will very soon when you join us for a fantastic evening at the Alakazam Academy with our core Tutor, Mr John Carey!

The crux of this lesson will be an in-depth discussion and workshop on the art of verbal subterfuge and control, more popularly known as Equivoque.

We have wanted John to present his thoughts and work on this fantastic concept for some time now and are so pleased he’s found time in his busy schedule to finally do it!

If you’ve never used Equivoque or Magicians Choice before, trust us, a whole new world awaits you.

Carey has built a reputation in recent years for his use of this concept and whether you are new to Mentalism or a more experienced practitioner, there is truly something for everyone in this lesson.

John will start from the ground up, discussing the basic fundamentals which will enable you to force pretty much any small item at will!

Never again will you be at a loss to perform as you can borrow everything to perform some incredible mysteries.

Then he will expand upon this and teach more advanced applications, discuss attitude, perception and psychological concepts that will truly inspire you!

 In addition, John will teach 3 powerful Equivoque based effects that you will really love to learn and perform.

  1. The Imaginary Deck– A playing card formed by a spectator using their imagination and choices is shown to have been predicted in advance. Super streamlined and you don’t even need a deck of cards!
  2. Lucky 7!Carey’s Just Chance effect. So fair looking as they make the decisions as the mystery unravels. A worker!
  3. Destiny.John’s approach to Max Maven’s Classic B’Wave is a beautiful 3 phase mental mystery. The great news is that this version uses no gaffs and is examinable! If that isn’t enough, you haven’t seen nothing yet.
  4. Freewilling.The Classic Freewill effect on Steroids! You will love this…
  5. Spectator Mindreader. You think of a card and they read your mind. Be bold and be brave!

Carey will then perform, discuss and teach his work and thoughts on what he believes to be one of the strongest and greatest of card effects, Dai Vernon’s amazing Trick that cannot be explained. If you’ve never seen the effect before, hold on tight because you are in for a treat as an impossible seeming prediction unfolds. The great thing is that the effect is never the same, like a piece of Jazz, but with everything under your control to a definitive climax. The earlier Equivoque skills taught and discussed will come to the fore in this part of your lesson, as well as several gambits, ruses and strategies that will enlighten you and delight you. Believe us when we say this is truly a reputation maker!!!


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