Walk up to anyone and read their mind with only a pen and some business cards! Huge reactions and super easy to do.

Straight out of Danny Archer’s professional repertoire..

Danny Archer performs — A LOT. So he can’t afford to mess around. If a trick can’t be done a hundred times a night, and fool almost any type of crowd, he doesn’t do it.

Drawn Again is his GO-TO mind-reading trick, and it PACKS A MASSIVE PUNCH. The method is so good, so devious, your biggest challenge will be keeping a straight face.

1. Ask someone to draw ANY picture.

2. Have them hide it and just THINK about the image.

3. Read their mind, and draw exactly what they’re thinking.

Use any business cards and any pen! This is powerful, professional magic you can do anytime anywhere. And it’s the PERFECT way to hand out your business card!


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