Imagine reading someone’s mind using an imaginary die.

Imagine reading someone’s mind without any props needed, Alexander created an effect where you have the freedom to read the mind of any spectator, anywhere at any time. The best part is that this principle can lead to other languages you like, here is the description of the effect.

The performer will hand an imagery dice to the spectator to roll as they imagine any number between 1 and 6, without any forces or peeks the performer will define the actual number that the spectator will think of or even predict beforehand.

This effect can be customizable and it can suit any type of magic or mentalism you like. You are not only limited to only one effect but there are many effects that you can combine.

There is also a bonus effect where you can divine a season and also the selected number and much more all in one.

This is one of the many mental effects you won’t leave without, once you learn it will stay on you with nothing to carry around.

-There’s no gimmicks needed or props
-The effect is very easy to perform and learn
-No forces or Peeks
-No hidden mirrors
-Works 100% of the time
-They can change their mind if they want
-Plus it can work with any language
-Learn it either Easy, Intermediate, or Hard


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