This one-of-a-kind download features nearly 6.5 hours of learning from a master of card magic. From card magic secrets to the psychological techniques you can use to make them truly unforgettable, the “Dani DaOrtiz Masterclass” is one of the best ways to learn how to become a better overall magician.

Legendary magician Dani DaOrtiz is revered by magicians around the world for his signature frenetic performances and ability to make super powerful and fooling magic that is deceptively simple. Much of his success can be attributed to a keen understanding of the necessary philosophical and psychological underpinnings for creating true miracle-level moments of magic.

For this exclusive, three-part Vanishing Inc. Masterclass, Dani takes a deep dive into the unique brand of highly-fooling and wildly entertaining card magic that has taken him around the world. You’ll learn a variety of effects, including new practical and commercial effects that were not published anywhere else prior to this Masterclass.

Beyond just learning the magic methods, Dani provides a rare glimpse into the “real work” behind the mental and psychological techniques he uses to amplify the impact of every effect. You’ll quickly learn how the realm of possibility for card tricks expands well beyond just the effect and method.

The “Dani DaOrtiz Masterclass” includes two full-length lectures. You also get a exclusive bonus video in which Dani shares a revolutionary technique he has never shared to English-speaking magicians before.


Session 2: Magic from the “Spectator’s Point of View”
Using a variety of new semi-automatic, nearly self-working card tricks as examples, Dani explains how he strengthens every effect by examining it through the spectator’s point of few. This includes a discussion of how he blends both chaos and naturalness within several of his routines.


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