The cards do all the work, and the illusion looks stunning — EVEN WHEN YOU KNOW HOW IT WORKS.

In this Larry Jennings miracle, things start to get weird quickly, as one card MELTS through another. It looks SO GOOD it’ll fool your brain EVEN IF YOU KNOW HOW IT WORKS.

And the best part? The gimmick does almost all the work! Seriously, if you can hold 3 cards, you can perform this trick. And that brings us to the other great thing about this trick, you don’t have to waste any time having a card chosen, carrying a deck OR EVEN TALKING. When you perform the first penetration, jaws will drop and ALL attention will be on you.

When you’re done, you can CLEANLY show all 3 cards (there are only 3 cards used) and your audience will be too stunned to speak. It looks like a special effect!

What You Get

The instructional video for this trick has no fluff and is one of the shortest we’ve ever produced. There’s a full, uncut live performance at a cafe, and then Michael goes through the method repeatedly with clear teaching cards. Even with all of this, the run time is only just over 5 minutes. After watching, please let us know how you like this format.


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