highly engaging card miracle where the spectators do most of the work, that fools magicians and non-magicians alike. START LEARNING INSTANTLY.


“It dazzles magicians just like it dazzles laypeople.” –Woody Aragon

Have a spectator find their own card from a shuffled deck without you ever knowing it’s identity. This nearly self-working miracle will put jaws on the floor. This is Woody Aragon’s Cheerleader.

The deck is divided amongst members of the audience who shuffle them. One spectator remembers one of the cards and loses it in the deck. Another spectator begins dealing cards while the spectator with the selection mentally cheers out the letters in name of the card. When the dealing has stopped, not only has the name of the card been spelled, but the card that was stopped at is exactly the selected card.

Woody Aragon has gone above and beyond in the teaching of this trick to explain the extremely clever thinking that makes this practically self-working. Cheerleader is a perfect effect for someone just getting into card magic, and the pros will appreciate the exceptionally clever method that makes it possible. This is Woody Aragon’s Cheerleader.


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