”If you can master even one of these magic tricks, you are CRAZY! ”


butterfingers-noun : a person who regularly drops or fails to keep hold of things.

The title is based on the fact how the tricks are super difficult to master where there are high chances of dropping your props multiple times during your practice.

There is no doubt that every piece of work is magical and beautiful when accomplished.

More difficult does not mean more advanced.

All of the techniques used in this work are unique, and we are confident that there is something for everyone in this work.

The back-view shots are too entertaining.

Please experience the romance of such a miracle brought about by a high level of effort!




Table Spin Change (Rall)

Color change of a coin spinning on the table. The changes that occur without stagnation in a series of movements looks extremely beautiful.


Introduces two different ways of spinning a coin.


Autumn Shuffle (Chitose)

The False Riffle Shuffle was created to fulfill the desire to show that the cards are being well mixed.It is compelling and different from existing false shuffles, and it accomplishes this with an ingenious solution.


Fingertip Change (Fuki)

Spellbound where the coin stays at your fingertip all the time and the coin changes into three different colors one after another. There are nothing to suspect with this very light and beautiful touches.The delicate subtlety is also a highlight.

Fingertip Turn

A very convincing false turn over performed with the coin held at your fingertips.


Pressure Transfer (TamuTamu)

Palm-transfer you’ve never seen before.The transfer is completed instantly. This is the moment when the coin man is fooled: “The coin is not where I thought it would be.”

Vanish for Pressure Transfer

Coin vanish achieved by this technique.




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