Reveal ANY thought in REAL TIME with this smokin’ hot method from a master mystic.

“The thinking behind this is brilliant. Black Flame is strong material for the real workers.” –Bill Montana

“I’ve been searching for a practical way to do this for YEARS. Tom Phoenix has created my new favourite effect.” –Lewis Lé Val

Created by Tom Phoenix and presented by Alexander Marsh, Black Flame is a brand new principle that will give YOU the power to reveal anything your spectator can think of in real time, burnt onto any business or index card.

Alexander precisely teaches you everything that you need to know in an awfully charming manner in just 30 minutes in this jam packed download full of applications and variations.

I know that Your head will be spinning with ideas from the minute you learn the secret!

Not only does this method create phenomenal reactions, it’s also extremely versatile and easy to do in every situation and applicable to whatever genre of magic you enjoy performing!

Download Black Flame now and carry your new favourite piece of secret knowledge with you wherever you go.


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