Another visual stunner from Nicholas Lawrence.

With “Bermuda”, you tear off the corner of a playing card and cleanly display before making it impossibly vanish right in front of their eyes. You can do it with or without cover. This visual torn corner vanish is truly amazing.

Of course, it doesn’t just disappear either, You can then make that corner appear wherever you’d like. Under their watch, inside a sugar packet or frozen inside a block of ice. It’s totally up to you.

Vanishing a pre-torn corner and having it appear in an impossible location is not a new effect. However, most previous methods relied on the audience using their imagination. The corner was often out of view before it “vanished”. With “Bermuda”, everything is super clean and happens out in the open.

Comes with a pre-made gimmick that is ready to go out of the package. However, you’ll also learn how to make your own so you can customize it to fit any of your favorite custom playing cards. This is covered, along with multiple unique ways to vanish and reveal the corner in the 45-minute instructional video. There’s even a special BONUS restored card effect that truly feels almost too good to give away.


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