Murderous Mentalism That Will Kill Your Audience!

This bizarre booklet contains five of Docc’s strongest effects, straight from his personal arsenal. These are tricks he’s performed for live audiences for years.

Band of the Hand is a murderous group of five increibly different and original mental effects, far removed from the “I know what you’re thinking” type of mental tricks. Contains:

  • Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper – a complete seance in your pocket!
  • A Study in Scarlet – Take your audience through the dark in search of a murderer with the light of a single match!
  • Swamp Water – Demonstrate control over pure evil contained in a jar of water which reveals things no one knows!
  • Nightmare Coins – Turn a dream into a tangible nightmare that you can hold!
  • Murder by Mail – Prove that you possess powers that can actually kill someone! WARNING: You may not want to perform this effect, it’s too strong!

“The Nightmare Coins routine has found a permanent place in my close-up show.” -Allen Zingg-Editor of Vibrations

“I can’t perform Murder by Mail anymore-it’s just too strong!” -Jim Magus

“Docc, Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper, take people to the edge of danger and bring them back safely!” -Tony Andruzzi


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