Multiple powerful moments jam-packed into one incredible routine that they’ll never forget.

A playing card is selected and remembered before being lost in the a deck. The cards are shuffled many times.

You then show the name badge around your neck with a lucky bill inside. A wave of your empty hands and this bill visually transforms into a playing card. You then remove it to show it’s their selected card!

But, your lucky bill did not just disappear. It traveled into the deck of cards that they were just holding. A quick riffle and there it is right in the middle of the deck.

Here’s where it gets truly crazy though. Those cards are now in perfect order and the bill is located in the exact position that their selected card would have been. As a final kicker, you finally explain why it’s your “lucky” bill. The day you found it, it had a special message written on it. You open up the bill to show it predicts the card they chose.

“Badge Holder” is a powerful routine that is easy to do. It can be carried in your pocket or around your neck and resets in seconds. It’s great for close-up magic, table-hopping magic, street magic or even virtual magic. You can even customize it with your own name, photo, logo and/or contact information.

Comes with access to an online tutorial teaching you everything you need to know, including a variety of different handlings and ideas. You’ll love the extra mentalism ideas showing you how “Badge Holder” can be used for a variety of amazing predictions.

Tutorial is in English.


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