Angle Z was introduced in 2007 as “Angle Zero”. At the time, Daniel didn’t realize the true power of the effect. He taught it in a mere 5 minutes and gave no subtleties or further instruction.

Over the next five years Angle Z was discovered by a who’s who of magic and added to their performance, due to the extreme power and simplicity of the effect.

Daniel began to get comments from friends and acquaintances in the business, many of whom shared striking routines and effective subtleties with him. He decided to teach all that he had learned and developed on Angle Zero, and changed the name to Angle Z as an ode to covering everything about the miracle trick from “A to Z”.

If you know the trick or perform it – good. If you don’t, you should be. It’s one of the easiest yet most impactful tricks on the market today.

In this new work on the subject Daniel will teach…

• How to perform Angle Zero with a signed card
• Cause the torn corner to appear between someone’s empty hands as it vanishes
•The most effective places to reveal the hidden corner
• How to perform Angle allowing the spectator to ACTUALLY HAND you ANY CARD
• How to leave ZERO DOUBT that the corner has actually been ripped from the card
• How to allow the spectator to HEAR every little RIP in the card
•The correct way to slowly and methodically tear the corner piece
• Learn David Blaine’s take on Angle Zero and the way he performs it 95% of the time
•How to use Angle Zero as a visual penetration through a glass table
• See Daniel perform the effect live several times on the streets of Los Angeles
• Where the torn corner should – and should not – be revealed.
• 1 hour and 20 minutes of advice and rare techniques

You NEED to learn the inside work on this incredible trick, and Madison spills ALL of it in Angle Z. Filmed in Hollywood, you’ll also see Madison hit the streets and perform for various groups which is a rare treat in itself. Order today.

A Note From Daniel Madison…

Angle Z has been in my repertoire since I started performing tricks in 1999. The Angle Z principal was first published in a PDF book I released in 2006 and it took no more than a paragraph to both describe and explain, and at the time, I saw the effect as no more than a ‘filler’ for the book. The idea went unnoticed.

In 2007, once again, I used the effect as a ‘filler’ for a DVD project. Both the performance and explanation combined lasted no more than 10 minutes. However, this time, the effect did not go unnoticed.

Since then, Angle Z has become something of a signature effect of mine which has become synonymous with my name. Every magician I meet has their own take on the idea, each as powerful as the last and in 2013 I was overwhelmed to announce that it would be a part of a David Blaine TV special. Blaine feels strongly about the effect.


Despite how well the idea had been received, I always felt somewhat unsatisfied with the lack of personal attention I’d given the effect in its previous publications. During a shoot in Hollywood in 2013, I was given the opportunity to pay justice to the effect, and dedicate an entire DVD to Angle Z. The effect is so powerful, and performed by so many professionals, that I knew I needed to open a door to the true work on this effect.

This DVD is what Angle Z should have been from the start.
 It is over an hour in explanation and I have left no stone unturned. The explanation is intricate in both technique and psychology, I have included alternate performances and some of the variations from close friends. Forgive me for not giving Angle Zero the honor it deserves from the beginning. I am Daniel Madison. This is Angle Z.

INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT “THE TORN CORNER CARD TRICK David Blaine performed “the torn corner card trick” or Angle Z for celebrities Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde in his special for ABC called ‘Real or Magic’. The effect is performed by a who’s who in magic…. from Dan White (Discovery’s ‘The Supernaturalist’) to Calen Morelli (Magic Consultant to David Copperfield). We hear Dynamo will be featuring it soon.


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