Incredible coin magic with a modern twist!

  • All of the coins used are normal!
  • Super visual and practical tricks!
  • Original techniques you can immediately add to your routines!
  • YA-ROW’s secret techniques finally revealed!

This lecture contains coin tricks all using a table, in great detail.

This project is for magicians that already have a basic understanding of coin magic.

Here is what you will learn.


Flash Matrix
Coins placed under the each card teleport to one spot magically with natural handlings for stealing and loading coins.

Flash Back Fire
Like Flash Matrix, the coins move one by one all with natural and smooth stealing and loading.
At the end, there are no cards and the coins will return to normal in an instant.

Flying Matrix
YA-ROW’s most famous coins trick that is very visual.
Each coins magically disappears and reappears, this visual will blow your mind.

Dani DaOrtiz, the very talented Spanish cardician as known for his unique tricks, gives the word of “Very good”.Coin Through Table
The Magician simply rubs coins onto a table top, the coins penetrate the table one by one.
Uses a classic methods with one special gimmick that allows the most powerful coin through table to date.
Download and learn these classics today!



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