Pull solid through solid, inches from peoples faces, using every-day objects! Everything can be examined

“When I saw ABANDON, I was amazed. I was amazed by a trick that I inspired, and I have no idea how it’s done.” – Hanson Chien

“This project will take rubber band magic to the next level” – Bacon Fire

“Dr. Cyril Thomas continues to innovate with no “Abandon”! My favorite effect on this project is Fleury-Mérogis. It’s a beautiful, gimmick-free, broken-and-restored rubber band. And the setup can be done without misdirection! Amazing!” – Josh Burch

Abandon is one of these rare projects that you learn in a minute, with no preliminary skills, and that you will perform in real life for the rest of your life. In this download, Dr. Cyril Thomas will teach you in depth four of the most visual rubber band penetrations never invented (i.e., rubber band through a borrowed pen, ring, finger, what you want!). The method behind these killer effects is so kinky that you will even fool magicians. And the best part of it? No gimmicks are involved, only regular rubber bands and borrowed objects.
Trust us, this new weapon is a reputation maker!

Here is a description of the 4 gems you will discover in this project:

– Arkham: a regular rubber band is clearly wrapped around a borrowed pen (or your finger), and it penetrates it as if it was liquid

– Black Gate: a borrowed pen (or your finger, or any other thin object) is clearly trapped between three threads of a regular rubber band and firmly hold on both extremities by your spectator. In the blink of an eye, it escapes!

– Santa Prisca: a borrowed ring is trapped between the two extremities of a regular rubber band. The spectator pulls on the ring and it escape in the most impossible condition.

– Fleury-Mérogis: this one is huge, I’ve never seen such a visual. A rubber band is wrapped twice around your hand. You pull it until it clearly breaks (you can even cut it with a pair of cisors!) before it is slowly and visually absorbed by the other band.


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