Woody is from the Spain, and the Spanish School. His magic has been performed by magicians all over the world, most famously by Penn and Teller, as well as Dynamo during his “Magician Impossible” series. Woody doesn’t just create magic, he also performs it – and it shows. From The Magic Castle to magic conventions everywhere, Woody is a seasoned creator and performer with a wealth of information that you can’t afford to miss.

Here’s what he’ll be covering:

Masterclass 1

Direct Spelling – After the deck is shuffled by several spectators, a value and a suit is named. When that card is spelled to, the last card dealt matches the thought-of card. This is a direct, fooling and practical card trick that can easily slot into any repertoire.

The Poker Hand (Performance) – Without wanting to ruin the surprise, you will get to see a fantastic, visual packet trick performed… but you’ll have to wait until the second Masterclass to learn it!

Location at Number – This effect draws together two old ideas from Partagas and Robert Houdin. A selected card, which is lost into the deck) is located at a number chosen by the spectator.

Guessing by Colors – The deck is separated into reds and blacks. Somehow, Woody is able to divine specific cards, in spite of the incredibly fair conditions.

The Mentalist Plus – This is one of Woody’s favorite tricks to perform. It has a lovely callback to the first spelling trick. A card is divined in a particularly fooling way.

Coincidences by Incidences – Never before taught on video, you will learn Woody’s version of the classic “Total Coincidence” plot with a single deck. With several surprises, and an amazing climax, this is set to be the highlight of the Masterclass.


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