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Discover the hidden possibilities of one of magic’s most important sleights and harness the power to make it your new secret weapon.

More then a decade in the making, “In The Mood For Push” is a careful study of the Double Pushoff. A supernatural double turnover, without a break or tension. You’ll never look at this sleight the same way again.

“In The Mood For Push” features Lidden Li’s latest and best work on the Double Pushoff. Once you learn it, you will no longer need to think about how to count or how to place your fingers while doing a Double Turnover. You will be ready to perform a Double Turnover at any time, with no tension and no hesitation!

Lidden Li is a talented sleight of hand magician that has gained quite a reputation in China, and around the world, for his technical skills—particularly regarding the Double Pushoff. “In The Mood For Push” is the result of more than ten years spent by Lidden developing and refining his Double Pushoff. This download covers three amazing ways to handle a double without the need for making a break.

Everything is described in great detail with multiple angles. You’ll see full performances and explanations. All the handlings work well together as one big set, or as their own stand alone trick. They can also be seamlessly added into your own existing card magic tricks to increase their versatility.

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Runtime: 43 minutes


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