Transfer your magic powers via Zoom. Their cards separate into red and black IN THEIR OWN HANDS and they have NO IDEA HOW. Very fooling.


Separate interlaced cards from over a thousand miles away. Transfer magic power back and forth over a zoom call. Put the miracles in your audience’s hand no matter where they are in the world. This is Virtual Oil & Water by Biagio Fasano

Here’s what happens:

The magician and the spectator each get six red cards and black cards. In the first phase, the magician very clearly interlaces the red cards and the black cards, and just like oil and water, they magically separate. The magician transfers the power to the spectator, who then mixes their cards, and once again, the cards magically separate. The cards are interlaced by the magician and separate again, then; as a kicker, the deck the magician is holding also completely separates.

Virtual Oil & Water is an easy-to-perform miracle that hits hard in both the virtual space and in-person performances. There is virtually no sleight of hand or gimmicks required. Biagio Fasano has developed this routine so that it will get big reactions from your audience. Start performing from a thousand miles away with Virtual Oil & Water by Biagio Fasano.


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