You’ll think you’re hallucinating. Gaps appear and disappear in rubber bands. Cutting edge magic from the doctor.

“Trypophobia is the next evolution of rubber band magic!” – Joe Rindfleisch

“Dr. Cyril Thomas is possibly the greatest rubber band magic creator ever!” – Nicholas Lawrence

“When will Cyril stop creating rubber band magic? His new effects really freak me out, I may suffer from Trypophobia now!” – Hanson Chien

After “banderaction” and “Faith hacker” (Winner Partner Trick of the Year 2020), Dr. Cyril Thomas strikes again with TRYPOPHOBIA.

In this project, you will learn KILLER CONCEPTS that have never been taught before and that allow you to perform 6 hyper-visual impromptu rubberband miracles. NO GIMMICK is involved and the band COULD BE SIGNED. The setups are supernatural and can be reset in a second. This project is perfect for real-life performers.

*** Barnum triangle: a band is clearly showed between your five spreaded fingers, but a part of it is missing. You blow on it and it reappears in a blink of an eye and given for examination.

*** Kanizsa Triangle: a one-hand version of the Barnum triangle. This one is a reputation maker

*** Heaven’s door: a knife (or a pencil, a finger…) penetrates the rubberband as if it was liquid!

*** Hell’s door: quicker than the eyes, a band jumps from under to over the object!

*** Vision constrictor: a new way to perform the classic armband. You take off the band from your hand, it vanishes, and when you throw it back on your arm it reappears from nowhere.

*** Schrödinger’s gap: a band is broken, you can clearly hear the snap and see the amputated part, and you restore it in a very visual way.


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